Leap Day

It only happens once every four years. Just a little thing that many students around me either forget happens or are unaware of its very little significance.But in all honesty it is not too surprising. To me, all it really means we are saying “Hey look! Earth doesn’t orbit the sun correctly all the time so lets help it out!” However, it does serve a sweet reminder that we do have an extra day to spend our time on whatever we choose. I  mean yeah, all of us are probably not going to go about the day with our usual schedulings with long hour work shifts or crappy plans that we never really wanted to attend but hey, A lady can dream.

If I had to could have spent Leap day how I wished to spend it, you know what I would have done? Slept. That is it. That is all my simple heart desires. With the complexities of growing up and mentally draining activities the average millennial faces day to day, a good six hours is all I could ask for. No interruptions, no alarms, no one coming to wake me up, nothing. Just as I start to wake up, I will take another 4 hours. You know why? Because i could! Its an extra day of the year! My time on this Earth may be limited and it is wise to spend my time efficiently, but I could think of that when my sleep session is finished.

Now, I know it may not be the smartest idea to sleep the day away. I understand that i should be looking at potential ways to getting my life together, but considering how everything is already in the trash i might as well aid the problem more.

There is no real reason for this rant on my desire to sleep.



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